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RSVP; theatre, film, events, workshops.

We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions)

RSVP is a theatrical events company based in Cork, Ireland- 

Film, Theatre, Events & Workshops.

‘We are all connected,’ is the motto of our company, and we are delighted to connect with you now. We invite the wider community to support our constantly evolving holistic and inclusive approach to creativity; in this way we invigorate our practices and processes. We embrace the challenges of life in our work. Art is in our souls. It is with this inspiration that our company strives to connect to the greater public; encouraging creative thinking. The work of RSVP is adventurous, innovative and fearless, with the support of the incredible artists we are blessed to connect with. We make work in all kinds of spaces, and we constantly invite new people, places and sponsors.  In  film, theatre, inter-disciplinary events, workshops, we aim for the highest standards of excellence in art. Personal development, social cohesion and community empowerment are our goals.

Thank you for visiting our website, Yvonne Coughlan, director.                                                                                                            Pic. Dragan Tomas.→

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 Email: rsvpireland@gmail.com   


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Current events-

Irish heArts on Irish Radio International

Check out our weekly podcast/online arts show IRISH heArts on Irish Radio International 


IRISH heArts takes a weekly look at the arts in Cork, all over Ireland, and of Irish interest, worldwide. With a mix of fledgling artists, and established arts veterans, we look at film, theatre, performance art, visual art, literature, poetry, comedy, circus and a range of other creative and inspirational endeavours. Everything from blogging to dance and anything you could consider in between is up for discussion and exploration in the Irish Radio International arts show. Presenter/Producer Yvonne Coughlan chats to guests about their work, and often invites a musical artist or band to play live in studio and tell us a little about themselves and their music.

Go and 'Like' our facebook page for 'Irish HeArts' 

or find us on Mixcloud where every previous show is available as a podcast if you miss the original online broadcast time. If you love the arts then this is the show for you, every Sunday at 7pm, IRISH heArts on Irish Radio International. 

Click here for LINK to Irish HeArts April 4th, 2018 podcast. 


Irish heArts is born of the 2013 project, The Gathering-RSVP. The Gathering-RSVP is an experimental collaboration of artists in a variety of mediums, located worldwide, answering the question of what it means to be Irish today. This work has provided a live promenade performance in physical theatre, integrating film, music, dance, film and visual arts with community arts participation, in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, August Bank Holiday, 2013. 23 radio magazine programmes were also broadcast on IRI, entitled The Gathering-RSVP, to update and document the project every Thursday 8pm-9pm GMT, 2013. For more on this project join the GROUP, or check out number 34 on the PREVIOUS WORK PAGE.

Irish Radio International broadcasts content of interest to ex-patriate Irish men and women (the Irish diaspora) and their families at home, as well as to "New Irish" who have made Ireland their home, and their friends and family in their home countries. IRI hits 62 countries, and, with a potential for interest to millions,  that number is rising, as this online station is climbing the ranks of the top 100 online stations, worldwide. "Given that an estimated 80 million people worldwide claim some level of Irish descent, this independent radio station could potentially have a bigger audience than all of the BBC networks combined." Pete Naughton, The Telegraph, Nov. 2015.

Find out more at the Irish Radio International website 

Film Making Workshop

Connections-make a film in 4 days.
Oh, what fun we had in Greece!  Click on the WORKSHOPS TAB to see more.
The Connections project means we make a short film from concept to screening in ONLY 4 days! The greatest film workshop fun ever!


See our Previous Work page for more information on this workshop.
Contact Yvonne at rsvpireland@gmail.com 0868764685

This project is available for schools, festivals, clubs etc. Call us now! Just back from Thessaloniki and the project at Fix In Art.
Brazil is next!

WORKSHOP in beautiful Kinsale




Weekend workshops, 3 days in beautiful West Cork town of Kinsale,

lunch and dinner in local gourmet restaurants,

2 nights Bed & Breakfast,

*Professional video and Photographic documentation,

ALL for ONLY €250pp


*10+ participants in a private weekend workshop. One month advance booking required. If you make the booking for your 9 friends, then you go free! Oh yeah baby, we reward ingenuity.


Summer 2018.

E: rsvpireland@gmail.com (request Weekend Workshop application form)


 Click here for link to further details. 



National Campaign for the Arts

The National Campaign for the Arts is a volunteer-led, grass roots movement began in 2009 that makes the case for the arts in Ireland. It seeks to ensure that the arts are on local and national government agendas and are recognised as a vital part of contemporary Irish life.


Thanks if you came to MEET YOUR TDs


  • Maritime Hotel Bantry, courtesy of West Cork Chamber Music Festival; Monday 13th June. TD Michael Collins.
  • Uileann-West Cork Arts Center, Skibbereen; Monday 20th June, 11am. TD Jim Daly. Also attended by Neasa Peters, Parliamentary Assistant to Deputy Michael Collins.
    Parliamentary Assistant to Deputy Michael Collins
    Parliamentary Assistant to Deputy Michael Collins
  • The Friary Center, Kinsale. Monday 20th June, 7pm. TD Margaret Murphy O'Mahony. 
  • Many thanks to TD Michael Collins for speaking on behalf of the arts, artists and arts workers of Cork South West in the Dáil recently.
Arts workers in Cork South West should join the group and like the page

The NCFA was established in September 2009 in response to a government public expenditure review, known colloquially as the McCarthy Report. This report made a series of recommendations which would have devastated the cultural infrastructure and had profound consequences for arts provision in Ireland.

The NCFA has had considerable success in lobbying to protect funding for and safeguard the infrastructure supporting the arts. Its work in this regard continues, particularly in light of the Public Service Reform plans.

The NCFA has four strategic areas of work. They are: a better evidence base for better policy on the arts; a more meaningful public conversation about the arts; building shared intention across the arts sector; and supporting the mutuality of the arts and education.

The NCFA is a non-partisan grouping and does not receive public funding. Independent and resourceful, it relies on donations and the time, talent and goodwill of committed individuals and organisations.

Take this link to find out more in general www.ncfa.ie 


Welcome to our  Homepage. 





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IRISH heArts News!

Irish heArts

Irish heArts is RSVP's radio arts show, presented by Yvonne Coughlan, networking with artists in all genres from music, theatre, film, performance art, visual art, crafts and anything else creative happening in Cork and around the world. Tune in to www.irishradiointernational.com Thursday 7pm, it repeats at various times during the week, or you can check out our fanpage for podcasts Irish heArts Facebook fanpage 

Irish heArts Fanpage